Discover the secret world of POEM women in Timeless Collection Chapter 7, The First Lady. Delicately designed to support personality and confidence, this seventh chapter of Timeless series aims to provoke new and seamless experiences from POEM wears.


“POEM ladies are defined as those who are self-aware, tactful, and prudent. These are very important characteristics that I think would enhance the charms of every modern woman even further. So I want my designs in this collection to reflect such values into something more tangible, something that can encourage and support those 3 traits in an individual. Eventually, it crystalized into the creations that emphasize not only on the style but also the function. They can support women’s physiques. They are polite and neutral, yet stylish. And most importantly, they must be worth investing for,” said Sean Chavanon Caisiri, POEM’s creative director.

The First Lady introduces a series of multi-function garments, crafted for ladies in today’s face-paced society. In this collection, we strive to deliver the designs with maximum value through the highlight on their functionality. One design can be worn to work during the day, and can also be worn to attend any night event afterward without having to change. It’s also tactful and not as revealing, making it appropriate for almost every occasion. An influence on power-dressing also makes it even more suitable for businesswomen and even office-ladies.

Timeless Chapter 7 features light-weight synthetic fabrics such as silk mixed with polyester and cotton laces on the house’s classic hourglass silhouette. It also adds more alternatives for the palettes through the color of white, nude, beige, navy blue, and hound’s-tooth pattern in black and white. This provides even more options for mixing and matching between different pieces, from lace blouses, lance pencil skirts, jacket dresses, to one-piece dress and etc.

Designed with passion to encourage personality and confidence, every POEM designs in this seventh chapter is a brand new present for ladies around the world, urging them to discover more about themselves and shine on timelessly in the most noble and glamorous way.


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