From Shakespeare’s love-laced sonnets and mystifying concept of platonic love, Creative Director of POEM creates the latest intricately detailed winter collection for women whose hearts are set on true, undying love that stands the test of time. Introducing the fifth chapter of POEM Timeless Collection; Sonnets of the Moon, crafted with love for every women with luxurious taste who desire comfort, style and flexibility in her wear.

“Love poetry is one among the very few things that can resonate and capture a woman’s deepest emotion, and for this new collection, every piece of creation is like a love poem that serenades daily sentiments. Whether it’s a joyful day, or a wearisome moment, my design is created to recharge your energy and fill your heart with confidence. The exquisite and refined details in every pieces guarantee that, no matter the circumstance, POEM’s garments would surely transform every woman into glamorous and elegant being.” – Chavanon Caisiri, POEM Creative Director

This collection reintroduces the classic 1950s silhouettes and patterns, undeniably known as the house’s DNA, but with a much more modern touch, thanks to the outstanding graphic designs and production technology. The materials and fabrics harbors the ideal balance between weight and volume, allowing POEM to create voluminous skirts that look so weightless as if they are “floating on air”. The prominent feminine corset structure also snuggles and cradles the body, presenting women’s sensual physique in stylish fashion.

The Illusion

Wondrous astronomical wonders and enigmatic silhouette of lunar eclipse also inspired the making of this collection. Timeless Collection Chapter 5 pays tribute the house’s Tales of the Luminaries stories; as signature elements are retold in the form of light and dark ombre technique, imbued with the intention to mimic the limelight that shines on the true beauty of ladies. The classic palettes representing natural lunar phenomenon are back with the emphasis on black, white, pink and nude.

The moon represents temper, mystery and a symbol of women in terms of astronomy, psychology, and prophecy. Sonnet of the Moon adopted the influence and the aesthetic of the luminaries through lining, light and shadow. “When the moon is nothing short of a woman…” a simple but symbolic sentence sparked Chavanon to narrate the animation of the moon in his designs; from the bright white moon to dark lunar eclipse and from the super special Blood Moon to the alluring full moon.

The Sonnet

An array of distinctive designs comes in top quality materials and delicate craftsmanship, manifesting such modern yet glamorous looks for the collection. The use of high quality synthetic fabric also yields exceptional result without maintenance fuss.

With sharp, smart and elegant silhouettes, the collection is suitable for being both day and night wear, from an ordinary occasion at the office to a special tea party. The fifth Timeless Collection also sees the debut of exclusive wool winter coats, which, when put together with the dress to create a complete set, never fails to compliments woman’s aesthetic strength and style.

The fifth chapter of this Timeless journey would hardly be completed without the highlights. The collection also features the perfect blend between architectural perspective and fashion. Geometric shapes are reinterpreted into two-dimensional pattern with perspective lines and shades. This is to create optical illusion and three-dimensional visuals that effortlessly compliments the wearer’s body structure.

Inspired by the expert use of perspective lines by a Spanish maestro, Santiago Calatrava, Chavanon implemented this technique into his creations, enhancing even further with one-of-a-kind digital printing technique and easy-to-grasp illusory graphic designs.


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POEM Timeless Chapter 5 turns a new leaf in fashion design with modern materials and cutting-edge digital print technique, while beautifully narrating the house’s classic silhouettes and concepts. Every ideas and thoughts are crafted by heart and fine tune into patterns that never fail to compliment feminine bodies of all shape and size. “Illusion” series is created as a wrapped gift for every woman to sparks their faith of love and stand true to their hearts.

Made-to-Order Looks

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